[Pdns-users] Selective migration of domains

Alessandro Dentella sandro.dentella at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 10:27:17 UTC 2021


I'm pretty new to PowerDNS, if I missed some docs, please address me there.

I just started a PowerDNS to replace a very old instance of PowerDNS run by our
provider (=> not owned/run by me). 

I'd like to copy all our domains, that are just a part of the zones currently on
that dns. My provider claims that we cannot copy selectively *some* zones. Is
that correct? They opened tcp port 53 to me anyhow.

I started reading https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/migration.html and it
recommends to set slave="yes" in pdns.conf. Should I use that value even if I
also manage zones that are not present in the master server? (zone for which I'm

The model (fields "master" and "type") seems to allow a great flexibility in
deciding to be selective in which is the master and which is my role.

The web interface I added (PowerDNS-Admin) has a button "Update from Master",
that makes me think I can selectively update, but is has no effect.
When clicked it notify:
 "Added retrieval request for 'domain-name.' from master ip-addr"

What's the suggested way to migrate data from a PowerDNS server for just some


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