[Pdns-users] Selective migration of domains

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at mail.com
Wed Jun 16 11:04:36 UTC 2021

If I'd have a list of domains/zones to copy,
I'd add them to the zones table in the db,
set master ip to the old servers ip,
run pdns_util transfer zone (see help),
update setting in domains table to type master,
update ns records of transfered zones to new names,
tell my registrar to update delegation of the transfered zones.

What am I missing?

Am 16.06.21 um 12:27 schrieb Alessandro Dentella via Pdns-users:
> Hi,
> I'm pretty new to PowerDNS, if I missed some docs, please address me there.
> I just started a PowerDNS to replace a very old instance of PowerDNS run by our
> provider (=> not owned/run by me).
> I'd like to copy all our domains, that are just a part of the zones currently on
> that dns. My provider claims that we cannot copy selectively *some* zones. Is
> that correct? They opened tcp port 53 to me anyhow.
> I started reading https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/migration.html and it
> recommends to set slave="yes" in pdns.conf. Should I use that value even if I
> also manage zones that are not present in the master server? (zone for which I'm
> authoritative).
> The model (fields "master" and "type") seems to allow a great flexibility in
> deciding to be selective in which is the master and which is my role.
> The web interface I added (PowerDNS-Admin) has a button "Update from Master",
> that makes me think I can selectively update, but is has no effect.
> When clicked it notify:
>   "Added retrieval request for 'domain-name.' from master ip-addr"
> What's the suggested way to migrate data from a PowerDNS server for just some
> zones?
> sandro
> *:-)
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