[Pdns-users] How to Update from PDNS 4.1.14 to Latest?

Jackson Yap jackson at apc.sg
Wed Feb 24 07:57:03 UTC 2021

Thank you Pieter!

After checking for compatibility and pdnsutil check-all-zones, how do I
update from one PDNS authoritative server version to another?

Also regarding number of version to update, what will be a safe version
recommended for PDNS 4.1.14 to update to first?

Warmest Regards,
Jackson Yap

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Hi Jackson,

On 2/24/21 8:30 AM, Jackson Yap via Pdns-users wrote:
> As PDNS 4.1 is EOL, can anyone shares the procedures to upgrade to the
> latest PDNS version? I assume is PDNS 4.4.1?

There's an upgrade guide on the documentation website that you can follow
from your current version to the version you're upgrading to. It is mostly
checking the new or changed settings, applying any schema changes, and
running `pdnsutil check-all-zones` to see if any zones have errors.

Here's the guide: https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/upgrading.html

Hope this helps,


Pieter Lexis
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