[Pdns-users] BIND-Zonefiles: @ vs blank

Bjoern Franke bjo at schafweide.org
Thu Aug 8 13:55:08 UTC 2019


> I've always had the understanding that blank meant "reuse last" so by
> adding the _dmarc TXT record ahead of the blank records you
> inadvertently moved them to be _dmarc.ZONE
> I could certainly be wrong because I haven't looked at the man page for
> bind zone files in the last decade.

Thanks for that hint. As stated in RFC 1035[1] "If an entry for an RR
begins with a blank, then the RR is assumed to be owned by the last
stated owner". When there are only blanks, it's somehow "substitute with
the domain name", so i "bricked" the entry with the dmarc TXT record.
Only an old documentation for Bind on IRIX[2] says "A blank or tab
character in the name field denotes the current domain."



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