[Pdns-users] Increment SOA programmatically?

Torsten Hantzsche t.hantzsche at hzdr.de
Mon Nov 5 10:57:13 UTC 2018

On Sun, 4 Nov 2018, MRob wrote:

> I use mysql backend and SOA serial set to 0 in datebase for auto-serial 
> features. But sometime come occasion we must update one record in 
> database directly, not using DNSUPDATE. In this case how to tell pdns 
> please update SOA serial? I cant find pdns_control, pdnsutil command for 
> this.


if you execute pdnsutil w/o any options it lists all available commands.
There you can find:

"increase-serial ZONE    Increases the SOA-serial by 1. Uses SOA-EDIT"

> Related, where is serial stored in auto-serial case? I find
> "change_date" field NULL on all records and "notified_serial" NULL on
> this domain (but its 0 on the other domains, not sure why). In this
> situation what happens if server reboot, SOA has to be reclaimed from
> somewhere??

As far as I know this can be found in the table "records", column "content",
for every entry of the type "SOA". It corresponds to the provided serial number
you get with   "dig <zone> SOA"   (if no DNSSEC is active).


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