[Pdns-users] GUI with LDAP backend ?

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at powerdns.com
Mon May 15 13:12:54 UTC 2017


On 15 May 2017, at 10:51, r0m5 wrote:

> Hello !
> My organization is currently considering moving to the LDAP backend
> instead SQL, with pdns 4.0.
> We are currently using the poweradmin GUI, and I noticed that I can't
> use the pdns API with the LDAP backend. So if I am right GUI like 
> nsedit
> are not compatible with an LDAP backend.

There is ongoing work (by Grégory Oestreicher) to get feature parity 
between LDAP and SQL - DNSSEC, Master/Slave support, etc. If this ends 
up implementing the whole backend API, then our REST API will become 
supported for LDAP backends and nsedit will suddenly work with LDAP.

> So here is my question : what do you think would be a convenient way 
> to
> manage zone and records using the LDAP backend ? How do you guys 
> proceed
> ?

With Grégory’s most recent work (git master), pdnsutil edit-zone may 
already work.

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk
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