[Pdns-users] Where is the database schema?

NoBloat bloat at grounded.net
Tue Feb 28 22:20:59 UTC 2017

>> The static dns records would remain on godaddy, the static ones are those I'd like to use pdns to propagate 
>>the constantly changing dynamic IPs of our devices.

>I don't understand that last sentence, can you reword it?

I was wondering if I could keep using godaddy with my static records but use pdns only for my records which have constantly changing dynamic IPs. I'm not sure one can split records that way, meaning some records on one dns server and other records on another one. I assume I would probably have to make pdns my default dns server.

The only reason I've kept using godaddy is because I felt that my records could propagate much faster through them than using my own dns servers which I ran for many years. 

>>I do not want to allow remote resolve using this dns server but it would be useful if I could allow it from the 
>>lan side at least since the dns server is there so, why not use it.

>You can do this with bind, but as I said before, powerdns has separate authoritative and recursive servers.

I think I understand what you are saying. Use bind as the local dns server for the lan and use powerdns as the master dns server/s without resolve functions for users. I think this amounts to how I ran bind for many years and still do. I use bind server internally as the lan side dns servers. Before using godaddy, I also had a set of bind servers for master/slave public without resolve functions for users.

>Your options are:

>1. Use a different domain (subdomain) for your static and dynamic 
>records. Godaddy controls one domain; pdns controls the other one.  This 
>is very simple, if you don't mind the static and dynamic records being 
>separated in this way.

I think this is what I'm trying to explain above.

>But this is quite an uninteresting way of running pdns :-(

However, you are right about this so am spending more time on this to see if I might move away from godaddy.

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