[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Recursor 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

Pieter Lexis pieter.lexis at powerdns.com
Thu Jun 9 08:28:35 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

We're happy to announce the availability of the first (and hopefully last) Release
Candidate of the PowerDNS Recursor. This release has the finishing touches to the
experimental DNSSEC support by adding (Negative) Trust Anchor support and fixing
a possible issue with DNSSEC and forwarded domains:

 - #3910 Add (Negative) Trust Anchor management
 - #3926 Set +CD on forwarded recursive queries

Other changes since Beta 1:
 - #3941 Ensure delegations from local auth zones are followed
 - #3924 Add a virtual hosting unit-file
 - #3929 Set the FDs in the unit file to a sane value

Bug fixes:
 - #3961 Fix building on EL6 i386
 - #3957 Add error reporting when parsing forward-zones(-recurse) (Aki Tuomi)

The changelog with links is online[1]

We would like to invite everyone to run this release in test or production
environments and report any issues you find through GitHub[2]. If no issues are
reported, we expect to release the final version of the PowerDNS Recursor 4.0.0
in little over a week.

You can download the tarball[3](sig[4]) and compile it yourself, or install it
from our repositories[5].

Happy testing!

1 - https://doc.powerdns.com/md/changelog/#powerdns-recursor-400-rc1
2 - https://github.com/PowerDNS/pdns/issues
3 - https://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/pdns-recursor-4.0.0-rc1.tar.bz2
4 - https://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/pdns-recursor-4.0.0-rc1.tar.bz2.sig
5 - https://repo.powerdns.com

Pieter Lexis
PowerDNS.COM BV -- https://www.powerdns.com
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