[Pdns-users] Comments requested regarding autoserial

Chris Moody chris at node-nine.com
Tue Jul 14 18:15:16 UTC 2015

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Please do NOT remove this feature.  I love this behavior and use it at
all our installs.  It simply needs a bit better documentation.

It saves unnecessary effort and programming logic.  Any humans
updating records don't have to remember to update the serial for it to
take effect (ie, less 'advanced' engineering resources are necessary
to be able to maintain DNS data - think: "uh, I forgot") and we don't
have to write in any coding logic to calculate and increment serials
anytime records get updated programmatically (I know, I know - dead
stupid simple to write...but still).

If we wanted explicit control over serial values, we'd write our own
code to enforce specifics...but since serial number values have no
more meaning to us than simply triggering zone transfers/updates, the
autoserial function rocks.

Our other favorite feature is supermasters...making zone distribution
dead simple as well...but I digress.

Our vote at Node-Nine is to please leave the autoserial functionality

- -Chris

On 7/14/15 4:56 AM, Pieter Lexis wrote:
> Hi All,
> We'd like to have your input on a topic we've been discussing 
> internally. In its current state, the autoserial functionality is 
> somewhat incomplete, badly documented and non-intuitive to use.
> As such, we're currently on the fence on what to do with this
> feature. In our opinion there are 2 options for autoserial going
> forward to PowerDNS 4.0:
> 1. Removal of the functionality 2. Making it a correct and
> supported feature
> As such, we'd like to have your input on this topic. Do you use
> the autoserial functionality? If so, tell us how you us it.
> You can comment on this issue either by replying to this email, or
> if you prefer in private by emailing to
> powerdns.ideas at powerdns.com.
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