[Pdns-users] Comments requested regarding autoserial

Nicky Gerritsen nickygerritsen at me.com
Tue Jul 14 12:10:08 UTC 2015


Autoserial is the fact that you can set the serial to 0 for a zone and 
pdns updates it automatically, right? The docs seem to suggest this.

If so then, yes I am using it because I use an automated system that 
inserts records into my MySQL backend and using autoserial I do not have 
to calculate the serial myself.
If this functionality would disappear I'd have to create this myself...



On 14-07-15 13:56, Pieter Lexis wrote:
> Hi All,
> We'd like to have your input on a topic we've been discussing
> internally. In its current state, the autoserial functionality is
> somewhat incomplete, badly documented and non-intuitive to use.
> As such, we're currently on the fence on what to do with this feature.
> In our opinion there are 2 options for autoserial going forward to
> PowerDNS 4.0:
> 1. Removal of the functionality
> 2. Making it a correct and supported feature
> As such, we'd like to have your input on this topic. Do you use the
> autoserial functionality? If so, tell us how you us it.
> You can comment on this issue either by replying to this email, or if
> you prefer in private by emailing to powerdns.ideas at powerdns.com.

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