[Pdns-users] Comments requested regarding autoserial

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 14 12:09:03 UTC 2015

> We'd like to have your input on a topic we've been discussing
> internally. In its current state, the autoserial functionality is
> somewhat incomplete, badly documented and non-intuitive to use.
> As such, we're currently on the fence on what to do with this feature.
> In our opinion there are 2 options for autoserial going forward to
> PowerDNS 4.0:
> 1. Removal of the functionality
> 2. Making it a correct and supported feature
> As such, we'd like to have your input on this topic. Do you use the
> autoserial functionality? If so, tell us how you us it.

I do not, precisely because it is poorly documented.

I think it would be ideal if the serial number is correctly incremented every time a change is made to the records table.

I use the "oracle" backend, with supermasters and superslaves, and explicitly, by design, do not use the database replication, so that my DNS servers can interface with any other type of DNS software via the AXFR requests.

The way I solved the automatic AXFR from a supermaster to a superslave is with CREATE TRIGGER, and basically wrote one or two custom triggers which automatically update the serial number inside of the SOA records in the records table.

1. Autocommit is off;
2. UPDATE or INSERT to the records table happens;
3. UPDATE to the relevant serial fields in the zones table happens; the database ON INSERT OR UPDATE trigger modifies the serial number substring in the SOA records table.
4. COMMIT triggers an AXFR.

I am still not sure my way is actually, the best way; I am not even certain my semantics are correct, but if you would like the PL/SQL trigger code, please let me know and you are welcome to it.
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