[Pdns-users] Monitorize pdns & pdns-recursor with OpenNMS

Dameron, Brad [NTK] Brad.Dameron at sprint.com
Thu Dec 11 19:21:19 UTC 2014

Well here is what I do for graphing with Zenoss which is similar.

On the servers I have a simple bash script:

PDNSCOUNT=`/usr/bin/rec_control $1`
exit 0

Then create a /etc/snmp/snmpd.local.conf. This is the SNMPD config file for local server specific SNMP requests. Then using the exec command is how we get our stats. Here is my config:

# PowerDNS recursor stats
exec all-outqueries      /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats all-outqueries
exec cache-entries       /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats cache-entries
exec cache-hits          /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats cache-hits
exec cache-misses        /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats cache-misses
exec noerror-answers     /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats noerror-answers
exec qa-latency          /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats qa-latency
exec nxdomain-answers    /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats nxdomain-answers
exec unexpected-packets  /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats unexpected-packets
exec resource-limits     /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats resource-limits
exec questions           /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats questions
exec servfail-answers    /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats servfail-answers
exec answers0-1          /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats answers0-1
exec answers1-10         /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats answers1-10
exec answers10-100       /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats answers10-100
exec answers100-1000     /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats answers100-1000
exec answers-slow        /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats answers-slow
exec packetcache-hits    /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats packetcache-hits
exec packetcache-misses  /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats packetcache-misses
exec throttled-out       /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats throttled-out
exec throttle-entries    /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats throttle-entries
exec negcache-entries    /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats negcache-entries

A snmpget of . would give you all-outqueries.  . would give you cache-entries.

You can find help for OpenNMS on how to get these at www.opennms.org/wiki/Net-snmp_extend_collections<http://www.opennms.org/wiki/Net-snmp_extend_collections>


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Hello! I'm Alex.

I am responsible for migration from old version of Bind up to PowerDNS.

I´m trying to monitor my PowerDNS server (and recursor) with OpenNMS.
I have read a lot of webpages, I know that I can use Catci for that, but I'd like so much to do this directly on OpenNMS.
I´m not a very experienced Linux Administrator, by this I don´t have much experience with SNMP.

I was able to generate the statistics, create the server in OpenNMS, i have monitorized the network connection of that server but i´m not able to send those statistics to the OpenNMS server and see it on a graphic.

Can someone show me a good way to get my purpose?

Thanks in advance.


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