[Pdns-users] Oracle backend connection string.

Margus Kiting margus.kiting at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 14:20:01 UTC 2013


Thanks for the patches. Does generic-oracle backend support dnssec and
autoserial? These are two  functionalities I'm looking for:)

Best Regards,
Margus Kiting

On 27 March 2013 16:08, a b <tripivceta at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > It seems like oracle-home configuration parameter does not exist in
> pdns-3.2
> >
> > Mar 27 07:55:16 Fatal error: Trying to set unexisting parameter
> 'oracle-home'
> Hmmm, that is bad news, bad news indeed!
> I ran into the same problem back in the day; Aki Tuomi was kind enough to
> give me a patch which I applied to the pdns source code; it is attached to
> this e-mail, along with the goracle backend patch, for completeness.
> I would have thought this patch important enough to make it into the
> mainline source, since not only does the patch make sense, but it greatly
> simplifies configuring connections to the Oracle database, and helps with
> automation.
> These patches were made against pdns-3.1 source code; hopefully, they will
> apply against the 3.2 version as well.
> To apply these patches:
> copy the patches into the pdns top level directory, for example:
> cp modules-oraclebackend-oraclebackend.cc.patch
> modules-goraclebackend-goraclebackend.cc.patch pdns-3.2/
> cd pdns-3.2
> gpatch -p0 < modules-oraclebackend-oraclebackend.cc.patch
> gpatch -p0 < modules-goraclebackend-goraclebackend.cc.patch
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