[Pdns-users] Oracle backend connection string.

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 14:08:29 UTC 2013

> It seems like oracle-home configuration parameter does not exist in pdns-3.2
> Mar 27 07:55:16 Fatal error: Trying to set unexisting parameter 'oracle-home'

Hmmm, that is bad news, bad news indeed!

I ran into the same problem back in the day; Aki Tuomi was kind enough to give me a patch which I applied to the pdns source code; it is attached to this e-mail, along with the goracle backend patch, for completeness.

I would have thought this patch important enough to make it into the mainline source, since not only does the patch make sense, but it greatly simplifies configuring connections to the Oracle database, and helps with automation.

These patches were made against pdns-3.1 source code; hopefully, they will apply against the 3.2 version as well.

To apply these patches:

copy the patches into the pdns top level directory, for example:

cp modules-oraclebackend-oraclebackend.cc.patch modules-goraclebackend-goraclebackend.cc.patch pdns-3.2/
cd pdns-3.2
gpatch -p0 < modules-oraclebackend-oraclebackend.cc.patch
gpatch -p0 < modules-goraclebackend-goraclebackend.cc.patch 		 	   		  
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