[Pdns-users] Incrementing SOA serials?

Drew Linsalata drew.linsalata at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 12:31:33 UTC 2012

We're putting together a small dynamic DNS auto-update system to handle
some customer cloud instances.  This is PDNS using MySQL back end with
MySQL replication between the master node and slave nodes.  Updating a
given resource record in SQL is easy, but what about updating the serial
number in the SOA for the given domain?  Our resource update SQL syntax
looks like this:

"UPDATE records SET CONTENT=\"$1\", CHANGE_DATE=\"`date +%s`\" WHERE

$1 is the new IP of the host
$2 is the host name (i.e. host.domain.com)

Works perfectly, but what about updating the serial number for the zone in
the SOA record?  In an SQL master/slave setup I can't think of a reason
that it would matter.  Any thoughts on that?
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