[Pdns-users] Automatically delete zones that are deleted on Supermaster

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 30 13:50:19 UTC 2012

> > We explicitly do not want to depend on any particular database
> > features for DNS records' replication.
> Would it be feasible to build a fully RFC 1925 (6a) [1] compliant
> solution?
> (1)
> Have a supermaster SM run from Oracle
> (2)
> Have a single superslave SS run against the supermaster, replicating
> via DNS
> (3)
> Have SS run against a MySQL backend which does MySQL replication to
> your normal slaves NS1 up to NSx.

 one has replication via DNS, backend can be anything, so yes, this 
would be a feasible scenario, because DNS replication abstracts the 
storage engine away, which was our goal.

Nevertheless, in my experience, this should 
be handled by the pdns software. I'm thinking that if pdns supermaster is 
capable of "persuading" a superslave to become a slave for a domain, and
 then a transfer takes place, would it not be logical to expect that 
when said domain is removed from the supermaster, the superslave gets a 
message to ditch said domain?

My main question still remains 
unanswered though: one of the main reasons we ditched BIND was the 
supermaster / superslave functionality.

If I open a request for enhancement, how much impetus inside of PowerDNS is there to implement this functionality?
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