[Pdns-users] Supermaster and superslave automatic provisioning

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 15:07:38 UTC 2012

Regarding superslave provisioning, does the pdns.conf on the mas-
ter need to have "master=yes" and does the pdns.conf on the slave
need to have "slave=yes",  or  can  all  of  that  be  configured
directly by doing INSERT statements in the database?

The documentation mentions all sorts of scenarios,  but  what  it
lacks  is examples: even with following section 2.1. "Supermaster
automatic provisioning of  slaves",  the  automatic  provisioning
does  not  appear  to  happen. One would expect the tables on the
(super)slave to be automatically populated,  but  that  does  not
take place.

Without examples in the documentation, it is also  unclear  which
field(s) / table(s) need to be updated.

Does one need to UPDATE the "serial" field in the "zones"  table,
or the "content" field in the "records" table WHERE TYPE = 'SOA',
or both?

Also, we have noticed a descrepancy between section  3.3  "oracle
specifics" which states:

create table supermasters (
	  ip VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, 
	  nameserver VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, 

but  pdns_server is trying to  run  queries  against  the  "name"
column, presumably in the "supermasters" table.

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