[Pdns-users] Supermaster and superslave automatic provisioning

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at gmail.com
Thu May 24 15:34:54 UTC 2012

> Regarding superslave provisioning, does the pdns.conf on the mas-
> ter need to have "master=yes" and does the pdns.conf on the slave
> need to have "slave=yes"

Correct: the master must be a master, and the slave a slave. :) Zones
are transferred via AXFR.

> The documentation mentions all sorts of scenarios,  but  what  it
> lacks  is examples: even with following section 2.1. "Supermaster
> automatic provisioning of  slaves",  the  automatic  provisioning
> does  not  appear  to  happen. One would expect the tables on the
> (super)slave to be automatically populated,  but  that  does  not
> take place.

Don't know offhand (and I'm too lazy to look it up), but the chapter on
PowerDNs in http://mens.de/:/book may help you. [Disclaimer: I wrote it.]

> Does one need to UPDATE the "serial" field in the "zones"  table,
> or the "content" field in the "records" table WHERE TYPE = 'SOA',
> or both?

You mean the `domains' table.

A slave server will transfer a zone only if it detects the SOA serial on
the master server is higher than its own. So, when you update a record
in your master's database, increment the SOA serial number for that
zone's SOA record.


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