[Pdns-users] Cannot comply pdns-recursor-3.3 in Solaris 10 sparc

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 1 14:33:52 UTC 2012

> I need an help on compling pdns-recursor-3.3 in Solaris 10.
> I have installed the boost, please still cannot make it works.
> is anyone can provide a procedure for me to proceed further?

While it is possible to compile pdns-recursor on Solaris 10,  the
binary executable will immediately coredump if compiled in 64-bit
mode, and must therefore be built in  a  special  way,  manually.
pdns-recursor will currently not build a correct 64-bit binary on
Solaris, in any version, unless the build system  is  refactored,
or the code is fixed to not cause the core dump any more.

To compile pdns-recursor on Solaris, search the "pdns-dev"  mail-
ing list via Google. Eventually you will find an e-mail from Bert
Hubert himself which roughly details how to  build  pdns-recursor
manually on Solaris 10.

Basically you will have to compile the objects manually and  link
them  with  GCC  all  on  a single line, again manually. He lists
-lgcc_s, but do not use that as it is unnecessary  and  will  not
build  anyway.  GCC  on Solaris will find the correct libgcc_s on
his own.

A question to the PowerDNS core developers regarding this  topic:
will  pdns-recursor  ever  be  fixed  to  build  "out of the box"
without having to apply the special  manual  build  procedure  as
written by Bert?


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