[Pdns-users] Cannot comply pdns-recursor-3.3 in Solaris 10 sparc

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at netherlabs.nl
Sun Jun 3 15:06:29 UTC 2012


On Jun 1, 2012, at 16:33 , a b wrote:

> A question to the PowerDNS core developers regarding this  topic:
> will  pdns-recursor  ever  be  fixed  to  build  "out of the box"
> without having to apply the special  manual  build  procedure  as
> written by Bert?

In general, if there is no ticket for an issue, it is unlikely to get attention. If you can confirm
that these problems still exist (as Juraj Lutter seems to disagree), please file a detailed ticket.

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk
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