[Pdns-users] Powerdns stops slaving

Nick Douma n.douma at nekoconeko.nl
Thu Jul 5 09:28:36 UTC 2012

Hi Bert,

On 29-06-12 09:51, Nick Douma wrote:
> On 28-06-12 14:27, bert hubert wrote:
>> In the 3.1 release notes you can find a MySQL related bug fix which might be related to your issue. 
>> 	• It turns out we were using libmysqlclient in a thread-unsafe manner. This issue was reported and painstakingly debugged by Marc Haber. Presumably fixed incommit 2591
>> Since these release notes have been written, we can confirm that this issue is fixed by that commit.
>> Could you check if 3.1, which contains other worthwhile fixes, makes your problem go away? 
> We're going to schedule a maintenance window to install the update. I
> think the downtime would be minimal, judging from the upgrade notes,
> which only consist of one SQL schema update in our case.
> Thanks for your input. I'll send you an update if this resolved our problem.

We installed the 3.1 update last Monday, and since then we haven't seen
the described problem again. I'll keep an eye on it, but it seems that
the update fixed the problem.

Kind regards,

Nick Douma

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