[Pdns-users] PowerDNS does not contain changeset 2217

Kees Monshouwer km at monshouwer.com
Thu Dec 13 09:21:56 UTC 2012

Hello Chuyen, Peter,

> > Following record had a problem: abc.com IN SOA ns1.xyz.com dns-admin.xyz.com 2012120702
> > Error was: Parsing record content: missing field at the end of record content 'ns1.xyz.com. dns-admin.xyz.com. 2012120702'
> > Checked 6 records of 'abc.com', 1 errors
> > 
> > So do I have to fill exactly all SOA fields as describe in http://doc.powerdns.com/types.html or it does not matter if I don't use DNSSEC and my SOA  just contains types as written here: http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/wiki/fields
> If I recall correctly, this is actually a bug in pdnssec in 3.1 - it does not automatically fill out SOA records the way pdns_server does. It should be fine!

It is not. There is a second bug in powerdns that is triggered by this
SOA field configuration. In 3.1 you MUST fill all SOA fields to be safe.
In 3.2rc1 your current configuration is fine.

Kind regards,

Kees Monshouwer
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