[Pdns-users] DDNS support or workaround?

Thomas Mieslinger thomas.mieslinger at 1und1.de
Sat Sep 10 16:59:19 UTC 2011


thanks to continue the discussion. Of course the DLZ dlopen() could be 
solution for this Problem.

Most of the dhcpclients are Server Management Modules like IBM 
Bladecenter MM, IBM RSA, HP LO100i and so on. These dhcp client 
implementation are unstable and if I had Mac addresses, dhcp client 
options and so in a database along with a history that would make 
debugging and finding devices with a bad firmware a lot easier.

And the dhcpstatus.cgi script could be rewritten to lightning speed...

So my main problem is not DNS but DHCP Clients.


Am 09.09.2011 10:38, schrieb Jan-Piet Mens:
> Thomas,
>> I need it and I'm using a bind instance... but every time a dhcp
>> request succeeds a zone of 25k records is transfered...
>> I've thought about patching isc dhcpd to fill a mysql database or
>> about writing a new dhcp server based on for example dhcp4java
>> (dhcpd-j.org) but never found time to do so.
>> Currently I have deactivated the Zone notification but set the Zone
>> restransfer time to 600 Seconds so now its working quite ok.
> AXFR with 25k records for each DHCP allocation is indeed "suboptimal" :-)
> Have you considered using BIND's "new" DLZ dlopen() [1] for that? I'm
> thinking dynamic update to BIND with your dlz driver updating PowerDNS'
> backend record. Might be easier to implement than the two suggestions
> above. Just a thought ...
>          -JP
> [1] http://jpmens.net/2011/01/21/bind-gets-a-new-updateable-dlz-driver-dlopen/

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