[Pdns-users] DDNS support or workaround?

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 08:38:29 UTC 2011


> I need it and I'm using a bind instance... but every time a dhcp
> request succeeds a zone of 25k records is transfered...
> I've thought about patching isc dhcpd to fill a mysql database or
> about writing a new dhcp server based on for example dhcp4java
> (dhcpd-j.org) but never found time to do so.
> Currently I have deactivated the Zone notification but set the Zone
> restransfer time to 600 Seconds so now its working quite ok.

AXFR with 25k records for each DHCP allocation is indeed "suboptimal" :-) 

Have you considered using BIND's "new" DLZ dlopen() [1] for that? I'm
thinking dynamic update to BIND with your dlz driver updating PowerDNS'
backend record. Might be easier to implement than the two suggestions
above. Just a thought ...


[1] http://jpmens.net/2011/01/21/bind-gets-a-new-updateable-dlz-driver-dlopen/

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