[Pdns-users] MongoDB Backend merged Re: Mongo DB and PowerDNS part 3: Now with DNSSEC

fredrik danerklint fredan-pdns at fredan.org
Wed May 25 20:25:03 UTC 2011


PowerDNS ask each backend for domains which has a different 'notified_serial' 
than 'serial' for the domain. 

This function is called getUpdatedMasters(vector<DomainInfo>* domains) and 
exists in the source file 'master.cc' for MongoDB backend. 

What PowerDNS except after a call to this function is a list of all domains 
that has a different serialnumber than notified serialnumber.

Every backend can implement this functionallity differently since PowerDNS 
does not know how the information about a domain is stored.

The good part that you asked about this is that I (you!) found a bug which 
would not fill out the domains that has a different serial number against the 
real serial number. I've sent Bert a patch to be included in the source code 
to fix this.

> On 14/4/2011 9:30 ΌΌ, bert hubert wrote:
> > Hi Fredrik,
> > I have just merged it with the build system based on your latest version.
> > It is part of build 2163, and will be shipped as 'experimental' with
> > version 3.0.
> Hi Fredrik and all,
> I see here: http://doc.powerdns.com/mongo.html that pdns/mongodb
> supports Master functionality. I assume this means that it detects zone
> serial changes and sends Notify messages as needed (and then sends AXFR
> as requested by slaves).
> My question is: how to you implement this functionality (conceptually),
> since Mongo DB (as far as I know) doesn't support triggers?
> Can you provide some feedback on this please?
> Thanks,
> Nick


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