[Pdns-users] Heading up to PowerDNS Authoritative Server release 3.0: please check your open tickets

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Tue Mar 22 20:38:30 UTC 2011

Dear PowerDNS Community,

The big 3.0 release is coming real close, and it is going to be a big one.
For the 'work in progress' release notes, please see

Today around 21 tickets on the issue tracker were either closed or resolved.
Most tickets are filed anonymously, so if you entered a ticket, you probably
did not receive feedback.

So, please check the following list:
.. to see what happened to your ticket, and if you agree with the result.

For your convenience, here is a summary:

Ticket #217 (pdns 2.9.22-rc2 cs1316 bindbackend crash upon adding an out-of-zone record) closed by ahu
worksforme: Loads was changed there, and it hasn't been reported anymore. We took out 

Ticket #220 (Inappropriate case-senstive check on NOTIFY) closed by ahu
fixed: sqlite was case sensitive, we fixed that. Should not be a problem anymore.

Ticket #149 (zone2sql named.conf parsing error) closed by ahu
wontfix: While we could fix this, it is suggested to comment out such troublesome 

Ticket #309 (make godbcbackend compile again) closed by ahu
fixed: Merged in CS2087. Thanks!

Ticket #265 (multiple master support does not work in the case the master uses NOTIFY) closed by ahu
fixed: This has been fixed in 3.0 - any one of the masters is accepted. Thanks.

Ticket #189 (Using new statement prepare question for sqlite3 backend) closed by ahu
fixed: Implemented in 2086, thanks!

Ticket #96 (PowerDNS doesn't honor RFC1982) closed by ahu
fixed: It does now! Since cs 2077. Thanks.

Ticket #322 (pdns instance crashes) closed by ahu
invalid: Probably due to database overload.

Ticket #317 (Logging time switches to UTC with LDAP backend) closed by ahu
duplicate: dup of 313

Ticket #313 (ldapbackend sets TZ to UTC but should not) closed by ahu
wontfix: we are currently unable to devote time to the LDAP backend.

Ticket #260 (LDAP backend doens't try to reestablish connection once lost) closed by ahu
wontfix: We are currently unable to fix LDAP issues.

Ticket #183 (Changing of default table names in config file) closed by ahu
wontfix: This means everybody will have to change his customized sql statements, 

Ticket #231 (Patch to support calling mySQL stored procedures) closed by ahu
fixed: Applied in cs 2084, thanks!

Ticket #298 (AXFR query fail with LDAP backend) closed by ahu
wontfix: We are unable to address LDAP issues at this time.

Ticket #318 (Master (Notify) functionality with ldap backend) closed by ahu
wontfix: We are unable to enhance the LDAP backend.

Ticket #323 (powerdns authoritative server with ldap backend hangs when ldap server is ...) closed by ahu
wontfix: We are unable to fix LDAP issues.

Ticket #321 (@ not recognised as shorthand for "this domain" in MX) closed by ahu
fixed: fixed in 3.0

Ticket #190 (Show detailed error information an error happens in sqlite3 backend) closed by ahu
fixed: Closed in commit 2083, thanks!

Ticket #288 (recursor fails to restart with old config setting nofork=yes) closed by ahu
wontfix: While I appreciate the sentiment, this would lead to heaps of 

Ticket #258 (powerdns recursor fails to stop due invalid controlsocket when fork=yes) closed by ahu
invalid: --fork is gone in recent versions

Ticket #305 (Disable a zone / domain / record) closed by ahu
wontfix: To do this, please customize the SQL queries to have an 'active' field.

Kind regards,

Bert Hubert

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