[Pdns-users] DNSSec for other backends?

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Wed Jan 26 14:17:30 UTC 2011

Hi Nick,

I think that the major benefit of PowerDNS is its ability to
support a wide range of database backends, including LDAP
through Norbert's work. Each of the various backends support
some, most or all of the features of pdns, depending on their
individual driver. The available features are listed in the
documentation provided for each module. If there is a desire
to continue the development for the LDAP backend, then the
users of the backend should work together to provide resources
for improving it. I would rather see a focus on the core SQL
based backends from Bert, and let others vote with their
pocketbooks and development resources to see which backends
will support new features. I believe that consulting and
professional services are available from powerdns.com should
you wish to engage them directly. I look forward to seeing
what the PDNS/LDAP community provide in terms of updates to
the LDAP backend. If nothing is forthcoming, it is certainly
a straightforward process to change backends to a more core
backend. That is the true benefit and versatility of the
PDNS server.


On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 09:49:07AM +0200, Nick Milas wrote:
> Hi Bert and all,
> I am sure there is some plan (by the powerDNS project managers) to continue 
> Norbert's great work on the LDAP backend. One of the powerful features of 
> powerDNS over other products is the strong and elegant operation with an 
> LDAP backend, which - as I have read in numerous discussions/forums 
> worldwide - has pushed a lot of DNS admins to migrate to powerdns/ldap 
> without regrets. One of them is me, having migrated (with a significant 
> effort) just a few months ago from a wide, distrubuted, conventional BIND 
> infrastructure to pdns/ldap, inventing into a totally new architecture for 
> our organization. So, you can understand my concerns, feeling unsafe with a 
> software whose maintenance/evolution seemed steady and guaranteed - virtues 
> which are an absolute necessity for this type of mission-critical software 
> - and now future appears (at least) a bit unclear...
> It's obvious that it's vital for the pdns/ldap software to continue to 
> evolve, a process which seems somewhat slowed down for a while now (for the 
> ldap backend), due to Norbert's lack of time.
> Any feedback on anticipated developments - a draft roadmap - for the ldap 
> backend I believe would really help to relieve pressure from the minds and 
> feelings of a significant number of admins who love powerdns, have seen a 
> true value in coupling powerdns with ldap, and want to continue to rely on 
> their pdns/ldap engine.
> Thanking Bert, Norbert and all PowerDNS developers and managers, for a 
> truly unique and remarkable project, I close these notes with a confidence 
> in Bert's ability to handle/resolve all probable events and overcome any 
> barriers in keeping all project components at the cutting-edge of software 
> technology.
> All the best,
> Nick
> On 22/1/2011 2:34 ????, Norbert Sendetzky wrote:
>> Best wishes to all users and developers of the great PowerDNS project
>> Norbert
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