[Pdns-users] Reverse Record Generator

Josh Barron jbarron at zayo.com
Tue Jan 11 21:12:13 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,


Simple question here I hope.

After having success with an initial production PDNS/PDNS-Recursor
deployment, I've been handed a project to consolidate ALL of the
companies considerable DNS infrastructure into a single cohesive

I've chosen PDNS with a gMySQL backend for this, with a simple
PowerAdmin front end for the time being.


The issue at hand is, with my initial deployment, we converted from BIND
to PowerDNS.  The BIND setup used GENERATE statements, and it was easy
to utilize the zone2sql scripts in order to parse the statements and
generate the necessary records.  That is not the case with the other
servers, in fact some of our subnets do not have any PTR records at
all!!  We are talking on the order of several dozen class B's.

Is there a tool that you can recommend where I can quickly resolve this,
or should I just write some zone files for the records, and have the
zone2sql script parse and import them into the master PDNS table.


Looking for any feedback.

Many thanks in advance!  



Josh Barron


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