[Pdns-users] Auto SOA record serial

Nick Douma n.douma at nekoconeko.nl
Wed Dec 7 14:26:22 UTC 2011


On 07-12-11 12:44, Peter van Dijk wrote:
> The generic MySQL backend in 3.0 does not support auto serial (as noted, admittedly not very obviously, at http://doc.powerdns.com/generic-mypgsql-backends.html). 3.1-pre (current SVN) adds this feature.
> Note that auto serial is an expensive feature - it involves the equivalent of a zone transfer, internally.

In that case I will change our management software to automatically
change the SOA based on the timestamp of the change, instead of relying
on PowerDNS. Thanks for the insight.

Kind regards,

Nick Douma

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