[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Master / Slave

Cristian Cappelletti c.cappelletti at akfree.it
Tue Aug 16 13:47:40 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Il 05/08/2011 20:03, Ian Mordey ha scritto:
> I have powerdns running perfectly using a MySQL cluster to store the data. The way I do it is have the pdns servers run a local copy of MySQL and replicate from the cluster. This eliminates downtime if the link between the geographically separate DNS servers and the master cluster is down. I don't have AXFR master/slave setup anywhere as any updates are made to the cluster table and this is replicated out to the local mysql instance.
> Cheers 
> Ian

I have the same implementation as described by Ian.

Now, I have to handle even the SLAVE zones, for our customers who prefer to
manage domains on their servers (AXFR master/slave setup). So I have to manage
NATIVE domains for those
customers that use our "DNS tool panel" and SLAVE domains for customers who have
a their own server that acts as a master.

In this scenario, the local 'records' table on two DNS servers would be written:
- by native replication from MySQL cluster for records of NATIVE zone
- by pdns daemon for records of SLAVE zone

... having as a result a misalignment of the 'records' tables on the local and
cluster MySQL instance.

Can I configure pdns to cache the "AXFR records" without saving them on local DB?

Or more generally, what is the best way to implement my scenario?

Kind regards,

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