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Ian Mordey ian.mordey at allurian.com
Fri Aug 5 18:03:44 UTC 2011

I have powerdns running perfectly using a MySQL cluster to store the data. The way I do it is have the pdns servers run a local copy of MySQL and replicate from the cluster. This eliminates downtime if the link between the geographically separate DNS servers and the master cluster is down. I don't have AXFR master/slave setup anywhere as any updates are made to the cluster table and this is replicated out to the local mysql instance.


On 3 Aug 2011, at 15:48, "Stefan Schmidt" <zaphodb at zaphods.net> wrote:

> Hi There,
> On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Support Desk <support.desk.ipg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am looking into deploying two powerdns Servers on my Network. I would like
>> both to use a mysql cluster that I have setup as their backend. My question
>> is, if both servers are letting the MySql cluster do the replication, should
>> they both be configured as Masters?
> If the backend - in this case mysql - is doing the replication itself
> we are calling it 'Native' mode.
> You would only need to set master=yes in pdns.conf in order to enable
> your name servers sending out DNS NOTIFY messages to all servers
> mentioned as NS records for a zone that has changed recently. In Mysql
> PowerDNS will then update the last notified_serial column of the
> domains table in your database.
> slave=yes will enable PowerDNS to listen to such NOTIFIES and if the
> domain is of type 'SLAVE' it will then try to AXFR the zone and
> subsequently update all entries in the records table.
> Thus enabling either master or slave bears a slight risk that both of
> your PowerDNS servers will try to update the same column at once.
> I am not entirely sure how a MySQL cluster would handle this kind of
> deadlock. Gracefully i'd hope.
> Stefan
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