[Pdns-users] NOTIFY by pdns master with ldap backend in next authoritative server releases?

Dennis Roos dennis.roos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 11:33:01 UTC 2010


I guess a simple shell script can do the job for you:
 * ldapsearch SOA records that changed today (provided your SOA 
numbering is using dates)
 * for each entry pdns_control notify domainname

Just my $.02

Dennis Roos

Nikolaos Milas wrote:
>  Hi,
> I didn't receive any replies on this.
> As we are deploying a new DNS server infrastructure in our 
> organization and we have planned to use pdns/ldap on our primary 
> master (already in operation), it would be important to us to know 
> whether NOTIFY from pdns/ldap ("master operation") will be offered as 
> a feature in upcoming authoritative server releases or not, or if a 
> patch or (Lua or other) script is available by pdns 
> developers/community to provide such NOTIFY functionality (I haven't 
> been able to find something).
> This would affect to some extent our deployment architecture (type of 
> slaves, type of remote slaves, etc.), because, unfortunately, we can't 
> use ldap backend on all slaves, and we don't want those slaves to 
> remain not-synchronized for long, nor we can use very short refresh 
> times.
> Please, could you give a hint?
> Thanks,
> Nick
> On 25/9/2010 12:54 πΌ, Nikolaos Milas wrote:
>> So, can we hope for such a feature to be included in the next 
>> official release or, if you deem this is undesirable due to whatever 
>> specs, could it be offered as a patch, as the BIND/sdb one, or even 
>> as a Lua script ? ...
>> If not, can you suggest any other good solution(s) to trace ldap 
>> record changes and force AXFRs to slaves?
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