[Pdns-users] PowerDNS capabilities- "link" domains?

Tonix (Antonio Nati) tonix at interazioni.it
Fri Jul 30 07:45:39 UTC 2010

Mathew Hennessy ha scritto:
> On Jul 28, 2010, at 4:28, Tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
>> Chris Wopat ha scritto:
>>>> Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 14:42:30 -0500
>>>> From: Chris Wopat <me at falz.net>
>>>> Subject: [Pdns-users] PowerDNS capabilities- "link" domains?
>>>> To: pdns-users at mailman.powerdns.com
>>>> I'm looking for a web based DNS frontend for our customers to use. We
>>>> have many circumstances where we simply symlink BIND zone files so
>>>> there's one set of A/CNAME/MX records to maintain for multiple domains
>>>> (foo.com <http://foo.com>, foo.org <http://foo.org>, foo.net <http://foo.net>, etc). If they need to change an A record,
>>>> it's done in one place and is consistent across all of those domains.
>>>> Does PowerDNS natively have the ability to do this?
>>> I looked at the default DB schema for MySQL and I'm not seeing
>>> anything in it that could accommodate this without another table or a
>>> schema change. Anyone have insight as to weather this type of
>>> modification is possible?
>> We have the same need, managing zones which handle more domains with 
>> same characteristics.
>> We made a little study, and there are two ways to go:
>>     * modify DB and powerdns code, in order to handle:
>>           o one or two more table for templates zones (cloning
>>             domains and records table structures)
> I'm wondering if it could be doable by separating the domain.id field 
> out, so that the unique key is different, like say domain.idx , and 
> have the domain.id field 'default' to domain.idx..  You'd have to 
> remember to update domain.id if you go in manually but Poweradmin 
> could be modified to automatically duplicate the ID..  Then hack on 
> Poweradmin so that _it_ manages the relationship between .id and .idx 
> fields..
> (just thinking out loud..)
I feel (thinking loud too) better to use only poweradmin, add 
indipendent tables, and repeat on "linked domains" all changes done on 


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