[Pdns-users] pdns master question

Liong Kok Foo kokfoo.liong at innity.com
Thu Jan 28 09:28:49 UTC 2010

Would appreciate if someone could help with this problem. This issue is 
stopping me from having this new pdns running live.


On 1/26/2010 11:01 AM, Liong Kok Foo wrote:
> Hi,
> I am sorry if this seems a very noob question as I am very new to 
> managing DNS.
> I have already changed pdns config to master=yes.
> So now I am testing with one domain. I changed that domain to master. 
> Let's call it testdomain.com. This is an existing domain in pdns (NS0) 
> and live NS1.mydomain.com and NS2.mydomain.com.
> Then I can see from the /var/log/messages this below:
> 1 domain for which we are master needs notifications
> Jan 26 10:15:18 servervn pdns[31055]: Queued notification of domain 
> 'testdomain.com' to
> Jan 26 10:15:19 servervn pdns[31055]: Removed from notification list: 
> 'testdomain.com' to (was acknowledged)
> Jan 26 10:15:22 servervn pdns[31055]: No master domains need 
> notifications
> Where is the IP of NS1 (live master running bind).
> Does this seem correct? How does NS1 know to update testdomain from 
> NS0? Why is NS1 acting like slave to NS0? NS1 is a master.
> In NS0 (running pdns), there is a line testdomain.com NS 
> ns1.mydomain.com. Could this be the reason why NS0 as master is 
> updating to the NS1?
> Please advice. Thanks.

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