[Pdns-users] pdns master question

Liong Kok Foo kokfoo.liong at innity.com
Tue Jan 26 03:01:12 UTC 2010


I am sorry if this seems a very noob question as I am very new to 
managing DNS.

I have already changed pdns config to master=yes.

So now I am testing with one domain. I changed that domain to master. 
Let's call it testdomain.com. This is an existing domain in pdns (NS0) 
and live NS1.mydomain.com and NS2.mydomain.com.

Then I can see from the /var/log/messages this below:

1 domain for which we are master needs notifications
Jan 26 10:15:18 servervn pdns[31055]: Queued notification of domain 
'testdomain.com' to
Jan 26 10:15:19 servervn pdns[31055]: Removed from notification list: 
'testdomain.com' to (was acknowledged)
Jan 26 10:15:22 servervn pdns[31055]: No master domains need notifications

Where is the IP of NS1 (live master running bind).

Does this seem correct? How does NS1 know to update testdomain from NS0? 
Why is NS1 acting like slave to NS0? NS1 is a master.

In NS0 (running pdns), there is a line testdomain.com NS 
ns1.mydomain.com. Could this be the reason why NS0 as master is updating 
to the NS1?

Please advice. Thanks.

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