[Pdns-users] Delegation of subdomain when allow-recursion-override=on

Pizza Napoletana pizzaiolo at gmx.com
Mon Jan 18 01:24:54 UTC 2010

I am using ldap backend with pdns 2.9.22_2 on FreeBSD 7.0.

I serve foobar.com from this server. Everything is great.
I serve sub.foobar.com from another (non-pdns) server. That's fine too, by itself.
Now, I want the foobar.com pdns server to redirect sub.foobar.com queries to the other server.

So, I created an NS record on LDAP for sub.foobar.com.
But the pdns server refuses to query the other server when I do lookups for names in sub.foobar.com domain, IF I set allow-recursion-override=on.
If I don't set recursion override, then things are OK. However, I want the recursion-override behavior for other situations.

Is there a way for me to have recursion override, as well as make pdns follow the NS record to another server for a subdomain?


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