[Pdns-users] Error trying to resolve <ip> for notifying <domain> to server

Krasheninnikov Vitaliy iam at krushik.ru
Sun Jan 17 22:35:44 UTC 2010

I'm trying to set up my pdns to work as master for my secondary pdns server. 
I've configured the last one so that it knows ip of supermaster and it is ready 
to receive notifies. But the first pdns doesn't send these notifies.
I see such errors at syslog:

Queued notification of domain 'example.com' to 195.88.xx.xx                                            
Query: update domains set notified_serial=-1208782860 where id=24                                        
Error trying to resolve '195.88.xx.xx' for notifying 'example.com' to server: 
Unable to send notify to 195.88.xx.xx: Invalid argument

These errors appears regardless of whether it is usual sending of notifies or 
result of usage "pdns_control notify example.com" or "pdns_control notify-host 
example.com 195.88.xx.xx"

What does these errors mean? Do slave server is required to be resolved 
through PTR-query to its name at NS record of zone?

Best regards,
Vitaliy Krasheninnikov <mail at krushik.ru>

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