[Pdns-users] How to stop pdns from resolving known subdomain tree's

hans de groot hansg at dandy.nl
Thu Jan 14 17:26:52 UTC 2010


I would like to beable to delegate subdomains to seperate accounts.

For example 

I have a domain called test.nl

User X can manage the records for this domein, but he could also create a
subdomein called userA.test.nl and give user A a login and have user A
manage only this subdomain.
This user A can add zones like www.userA.test.nl  or ftp.userA.test.nl.

This user A can create a new subdomain called userAA.userA.test.nl and add a
login to manage this subdomain. 

The same goes for B users etc..

I have tested this in PDNS and it is indeed possible (sort of) but suppose
user AA create this domain record

mail.userAA.userA.test.nl IN A 

This would work, but if user A would create

mail.userAA.userA.test.nl IN A

There is a problem. Now I get 2 ipnumers when trying to resolve this. 

I remember from my bind time that only the last (highest level) subdomain
configured answerd. But PDNS gives all possible anwers.

Is there a way to tell PDNS to not answer queries when there is a more
"detailed" subdomain availabe?

The way I wish to do this is by simple adding userA.test.nl to the
domains.name table/field

I also tested it by adding NS records to test.nl itself (ie userA.test.nl 
NS atottalydifferentnameserver.nl)  which had the same results. 

The reason I ask is that I want to give some people ful control over their
subdomein without them having to worry if someone else has the same records.
I know the chances for this to happen are small but I like to be sure.

Mabye the anwer is simple but I have geen googling for some time now with no


Hans de Groot



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