[Pdns-users] Reliable supermaster setup - howto?

Dmitry Banshchikov ubique at peterhost.ru
Fri Oct 23 11:32:08 UTC 2009

On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:54:14 +0200
Przemyslaw Wegrzyn <czajnik at sitenet.pl> wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm quite new to PDNS, I'm considering switching from bind9 to pdns, 
> mostly for its easy integration with database backend (at the moment
> our system uses custom scripts that generate bind config files after
> each change). I'm just evaluating simple PDNS setup.
> 1. I can see that any time serial is updated in the SOA record of the 
> domain, pdns server discovers the change and reloads the zone. That's 
> great, however - this is obviously a kind of polling, which 
> configuration parameter controls the interval of database queries?

Variables packetcache-size and  query-cache-ttl.

> 2. I'd like to automatically propagate new domains to slave DNS
> server, the idea of 'supermaster' looks exactly like what I need. My
> current setup sends notifications about zone changes to slave, and my
> slave happily configures new zones. However, I'm concerned about
> situation when particular notification is lost.  How should the
> system recover from that situation?

Master-slave DNS synchronization in PDNS is based on database


Dmitry Banshchikov

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