[Pdns-users] Newbie Question: Using PDNS on Different Servers

Rejo Zenger pdns-users at subs.krikkit.nl
Wed May 27 08:13:42 UTC 2009

++ 26/05/09 19:03 -0400 - SashaB:
>Thank you, Roland. That's what we thought but weren't sure and didn't want to
>edit the file without being sure. I'll take a look at that config file. Since
>you and others have used PowerAdmin, how do I edit the "inc.config.php" file
>point PowerAdmin to my server IPs instead of the local IP or is there another
>file I should edit?

Roland didn't say he was using Poweradmin. :)

There is no "inc.config.php" file in Poweradmin. There is a config file 
in the subdirectory "inc/", which is named "config-me.inc.php" when not 
yet edited. After editing the file, it should be renamed to 
"config.inc.php" to have Poweradmin running.

Here you can find some more details on the details:


For more details on installing Poweradmin, see:


Please note, this mailinglist is about PowerDNS, not Poweradmin. There 
is a dedicated mailinglist for Poweradmin:


Kind regards.

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