[Pdns-users] Geo backend help

Kalpesh Thaker kalpesh at webdevworld.com
Tue May 19 15:27:56 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone, 

Im trying to implement a powerdns setup with mysql and geo backends for geo 
redirection. unfortunately, i have run into a small problem, that i cant seem 
to figure out. 

i've setup the mysql and geo backends correctly, however, when starting up 
pdns, i get the following error in the syslog:

"TCP server is unable to launch backends - will try again when questions come 
in: stat() failed, or /etc/powerdns/pdns.d/zones/zz.countries.nerd.dk.rbldnsd 
is no regular file."

i have tried rsyncing the country files from scratch, and im still getting the 
same error. i can confirm that the file is there, and that dir paths are intact. 
i can also confirm that the files have 777 chmod permissions, and that i can 
actually vim the file that pdns cannot find, there is actual data in the file 
which is readable.

if i remove geo from the launch option in the pdns.conf file, and comment out 
geo-* options, pdns-server runs perfectly with mysql.

i am using debian 4.0etch9 for the setup.

the mysql backends are working perfectly, im just having a problem with the 
geo backend at the moment.

any advice or help is very much appreciated.


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