[Pdns-users] [OpendbxBackend] execStmt: Unable to execute query - MySQL server has gone away

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Sat Aug 15 13:50:21 UTC 2009

Hi Dean

>    I'm getting these errors([OpendbxBackend] execStmt: Unable to execute
> query - MySQL server has gone away) sprinkled through my logs, and
> sometimes the pdns server will hang for a second, give this error, then
> successfully resolve, other times, it won't resolve at all.
>    I have MySQL max_connections set very high...4096.  This system is still
> in development, so it's not getting hit hard or very often.
> I'm running:
>   Gentoo
>   powerdns 2.9.22
>   opendbx  1.4.0
>   MySQL 5.0.70-r1

The MySQL server closes connections to clients after some idle time, even if 
the client is still alive. This only happens in setups that get only a query 
from time to time. The only known solution is to set the timeout on the MySQL 
default idle timeout higher. If you put you system into production, you won't 
see this happening again.

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