[Pdns-users] Error with master slave replication

Bill Pitz bill at pitz.net
Wed Aug 26 21:52:57 UTC 2009


We are having trouble with master/slave replication with a couple of our 
large zone files.  This is PDNS-native replication, not database 

Replication is working fine to one of our slaves, but not to the other.  
The broken slave continuously throws these errors when the AXFR of the 
zone is attempted from the master:

Aug 26 14:46:09 dns2 pdns[16674]: AXFR started for 'xyzzy.net', 
transaction started
Aug 26 14:46:31 dns2 pdns[16674]: Unable to AXFR zone 'xyzzy.net' from 
remote 'XX.XX.XX.XX': Remote nameserver closed TCP connection
Aug 26 14:46:31 dns2 pdns[16674]: Aborting possible open transaction for 
domain 'xyzzy.net' AXFR

(XX.XX.XX.XX is the IP of the master.)

This happens repeatedly and the zone transfer will not succeed.  pdns 
2.9.22 built from source on OpenSuSE 10.2.

If I manually transfer the zone (using host -al <zone> <server>), the 
transfer succeeds every time.  But the pdns server does not seem to be 
able to complete it successfully.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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