[Pdns-users] Error with master slave replication

Piotr Przybył pprzybyl at power.com.pl
Thu Aug 27 07:29:00 UTC 2009

Hello Bill

> We are having trouble with master/slave replication with a couple of our
> large zone files.  This is PDNS-native replication, not database
> replication.
> Replication is working fine to one of our slaves, but not to the other. 
> The broken slave continuously throws these errors when the AXFR of the
> zone is attempted from the master:

Could you specify if this happens for every zone for this single slave
or only for "large" ones?
Have you checked if this slave is allowed to do AXFR? Master's config,

You may login to slave machine and try to dig @XX.XX.XX.XX xyzzy.net AXFR

> Aug 26 14:46:09 dns2 pdns[16674]: AXFR started for 'xyzzy.net',
> transaction started
> Aug 26 14:46:31 dns2 pdns[16674]: Unable to AXFR zone 'xyzzy.net' from
> remote 'XX.XX.XX.XX': Remote nameserver closed TCP connection
> Aug 26 14:46:31 dns2 pdns[16674]: Aborting possible open transaction for
> domain 'xyzzy.net' AXFR

Take a look at master's logs as well. You may find a reason why it
closes the connection.

Hope that helps.

Piotr Przybył

Software Developer
Power Media S.A.

Phone: +48 71 341 06 96 ext. 703
callto://powermedia_pprzybyl (Skype)

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