[Pdns-users] Failsafe Replication

Max Clark max.clark at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 02:44:06 UTC 2009


I have been evaluating alternate DNS topologies to our current
configuration. Ideally I would prefer an architecture where the master
is hidden, and that the public slaves can run independent without
dependance on an external process (i.e. mysql).

Initially I was under the impression that the supermaster would
accomplish this for me, but based on the docs I've read it appears
that the superslave requires a sql backend to function properly.

Reverting back to the bind backend requires an update of the
configuration file and periodic reloads of the process to see and act
on changes to the zones. Based on experience with BIND this is
sub-optimal over the long run.

MySQL replication provides "native" configuration and fast replication
for pdns - however it adds an additional layer of complexity,
software, process to the mix that adds another failure point and
requires additional monitoring and management.

Is there another technique / configuration that I am missing here?


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