[Pdns-users] Project back-end admin for powerdns

Sean Boran sean at boran.com
Tue Apr 21 20:37:47 UTC 2009


Following up on this thread, I got back to tring this GUI again :-)
I just installed the latest code from GIT, and have it running. Its quite
nice. (I had been using pdnsadmin until now).

Being new to rails I've questions though:

a) there is no automated startup file for ubuntu? For now I just copied
/etc/init.d/skeleton and adapted to /etc/init.d/powerdns-on-rails. Seems to
work fine.

b) in config/database.yml there is the following and this is the DB that is
being used.
  adapter: mysql
  database: powerdns_development
  host: localhost
  username: root
  session_key: powerdns-on-rails

Now I'd like to:
- Migrate a live pdns DB to adapt its structure so that it has the
fields/tables needed by powerdns-on-rails.
- Configure powerdns-on-rails to use that new DB.
I've copied the DB to "pdns2", and adapted database.yml as follows:
  adapter: mysql
  database: pdns2
  host: localhost
  username: root

I thought it might be just something like
    rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV="production"
but that tries to create tables, not update them.

Thanks in advance,

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