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Kenneth Kalmer kenneth.kalmer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 21:19:59 UTC 2009

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Julian Pawlowski <lists at propenguin.net>wrote:

> 2009/4/20 Kenneth Kalmer <kenneth.kalmer at gmail.com>:
> > Not recommended really, at least not from my experiences.
> I think you are mainly talking about using fcgi. I didn't have a
> chance to have a closer look to mod_passenger but I would have special
> needs regarding the security and usability. I'm also running PHP as
> FCGI for example so that every virtual server runs under it's own user
> id (which has also the benefit to avoid problems with access rights
> when accessing via FTP).
> For now using fcgi was the easiest way for testing.

If you know it well, granted. My apologies for being overly insisting. May I
note however that passenger by default uses "user switching". It checks who
the owner of the config/environment.rb file is, and spawns the Rails process
as that user. I share your sentiment on the user per vhost, we use suphp for
the same thing.

> The final decision to use a subdirectoy is very simple: I only need to
> buy one single SSL certificate for the production environment to
> handle several tools.


> > Thanks for the pointer, will try to mimic it on this side. As far as I'm
> > aware of the framework should deal with this on the fly. If I can get the
> > issue duplicated reliably I'll take it up with the Rails core team.
> However it is only related to those few images from above, all others
> just load fine.

Pushed a fix to github moments ago. The images in the stylesheets were
absolute, not relative, and stylesheets don't get parsed by Rails so the
environment changes you made wouldn't have a difference.

> > Thanks for the great feedback on these issues. FCGI is one of the lesser
> > used deployment options for Rails.
> I would have another issue here: The logout function redirects me
> right to the top of the domain instead of to the subdirectory.
> There are also other issues I already found with template and macro
> handling but this is not fcgi or subdomain related. I will take the
> correct way and open some tickets in your request system for it :-)

Fixed as well, thanks for pointing this out to me.

> > Again I really recommend you give
> > passenger a go. Since you have Ruby and Rubygems installed, it should be
> as
> > simple as this:
> Yes, sure it's simple to install. It's more due to all my dependencies
> I have in a complex enterprise environment. Will take some time to
> check out if the other stuff and configuration would just work fine.
> > Personally I deploy my rails applications on subdomains, rather than
> inside
> > subdirectories, and this always works first time.
> > I understand getting this
> > up the first time is a pain in the behind, and I appreciate your
> patience.
> > The Ruby community is working very hard to ease these problems.
> Main point is the missing documentation I must say :-)

Guilty as charged!

> As I was not familiar with the needs running a ruby application I had
> to investigate the easiest way for my testing first.
> For production use I would also need to have additional information,
> for example if I should set the application into productive state or
> not and how I do an automatic transfer of the databases. I saw a bit
> of this functionality but it's hard to find just that information that
> would really be necessary for me.

Good point on the environments, I'll formulate some stuff and publish on the

> BTW: I will record a podcast show about PowerDNS and PowerDNS-on-Rails
> next weekend (in german language). Let's see what else I can tell
> about all the stuff untill then :-)

That would be awesome.

Julian, thank you. I've learned a lot from your patience and willingness to
get it the project running. I must admit I was naive thinking a Rails
project would always run under the domain root. Also the daunting tasks of
initially getting a Ruby environment up didn't  even occur to me. Hoep this
experience has been as rewarding for you as it was for me.

All the best!

Kenneth Kalmer
kenneth.kalmer at gmail.com
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