[Pdns-users] Project back-end admin for powerdns

Julian Pawlowski lists at propenguin.net
Mon Apr 20 16:04:21 UTC 2009

2009/4/20 Kenneth Kalmer <kenneth.kalmer at gmail.com>:
> Not recommended really, at least not from my experiences.

I think you are mainly talking about using fcgi. I didn't have a
chance to have a closer look to mod_passenger but I would have special
needs regarding the security and usability. I'm also running PHP as
FCGI for example so that every virtual server runs under it's own user
id (which has also the benefit to avoid problems with access rights
when accessing via FTP).
For now using fcgi was the easiest way for testing.
The final decision to use a subdirectoy is very simple: I only need to
buy one single SSL certificate for the production environment to
handle several tools.

> Thanks for the pointer, will try to mimic it on this side. As far as I'm
> aware of the framework should deal with this on the fly. If I can get the
> issue duplicated reliably I'll take it up with the Rails core team.

However it is only related to those few images from above, all others
just load fine.

> Thanks for the great feedback on these issues. FCGI is one of the lesser
> used deployment options for Rails.

I would have another issue here: The logout function redirects me
right to the top of the domain instead of to the subdirectory.
There are also other issues I already found with template and macro
handling but this is not fcgi or subdomain related. I will take the
correct way and open some tickets in your request system for it :-)

> Again I really recommend you give
> passenger a go. Since you have Ruby and Rubygems installed, it should be as
> simple as this:

Yes, sure it's simple to install. It's more due to all my dependencies
I have in a complex enterprise environment. Will take some time to
check out if the other stuff and configuration would just work fine.

> Personally I deploy my rails applications on subdomains, rather than inside
> subdirectories, and this always works first time.

> I understand getting this
> up the first time is a pain in the behind, and I appreciate your patience.
> The Ruby community is working very hard to ease these problems.

Main point is the missing documentation I must say :-)
As I was not familiar with the needs running a ruby application I had
to investigate the easiest way for my testing first.
For production use I would also need to have additional information,
for example if I should set the application into productive state or
not and how I do an automatic transfer of the databases. I saw a bit
of this functionality but it's hard to find just that information that
would really be necessary for me.

BTW: I will record a podcast show about PowerDNS and PowerDNS-on-Rails
next weekend (in german language). Let's see what else I can tell
about all the stuff untill then :-)


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