[Pdns-users] Problem with powerdns(master) -> bind(slave)

Anton - Valqk lists at lozenetz.org
Mon Jan 21 16:00:30 UTC 2008

Hello there to everyone!

I'm having a hard time using bind as slave along with my master powerdns
2.9.20 compiled from freebsd ports.
I use postgresql backend and want to have a slave that do not needs the
postgres database to be up and running,
that's why I've setuped the common bind 9.3.3 that comes with freebsd as
a slave one.

Everything worked fine until a client of mine didn't requested a CNAME
record... ok I said and did it.
Few days later I saw that my bind has stopped updating the domain that
I've inserted the cname for.

here is a record for the cname in db:
id | domain_id | name | type | content | ttl   | prio | change_date |
 2767 |  45 | www.f-utils.org | CNAME | sitekreator.bg. | 600 | 0 | 
1194444091 | 227

the powerdns itself works just fine, but here is what I'm getting at the
bind ns:
Dec  29 11:29:54 ns1 named[84184]: transfer of 'f-utils.org/IN' from
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX#53: failed while receiving responses: CNAME and other data

and the domain is not updated ad the bind end.
is this a known bug?
what whould you recomend?
Another thing is that I wasn't able to setup a slave that automatically
adds a domain name to the list with domains when the master reqest to
sync it. is this possible so I don't add the domains by hand/script like

I'm posting to the both lists (powerdns and bind), hope someone's able
to help!


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