[Pdns-users] How to setup pdns ?

India Technologies Administrator admin at itech7.com
Mon Jan 21 11:36:59 UTC 2008

i am using Fedora 7 on my P3 500 Mhz box which is a mini server. My 
internet IP is dynamic. I want to run pdns. is it possible ? if yes, 
then how ? i have installed the RPM and even configured gmysql according 
to the doc @ docs.powerdns.com

I inserted the required records in the db. I could dig my domain using 
the command-
dig @localhost itech7.com

but when i tried it through a web based nslookup, it did not work.
in the web based nslookup i entered my current ip.

why ?

it would return "no servers found"

and now i have stopped the service so please don't try to dig it.

please help

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